“Daddy & Me” and Family Portraits

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Fire Station Family and “Daddy & Me”

Take pictures with your children and or other family members at your station.  Please call me to discuss pricing, options and availability.  All “Daddy & Me” & “Family Sessions” have a minimum purchase amount due on the picture day.  The amount varies on how many families will be present.

Mobile Studio

Turn your living room into a photo studio for the afternoon!  It isn’t always easy to get the kids rounded up, loaded into the minivan and to the photo studio…so have the photo studio come to you!  I bring the lighting and props and you provide the kids and smiles!  My pricing is very reasonable and you get print credit in return for a sitting fee.

Picture Party

Get a group of at least 3 families together to have a “picture party”.  The kids and adults can keep each other company when it isn’t their turn to have pictures taken.  One of the great things about having a picture party is that when your kid isn’t ready to be photographed, it is okay!  I move onto the next kid that is willing and ready; meantime your kid is watching and seeing that is isn’t that bad!  You have the comfort of your own home and access to your entire wardrobes and toy chests to add into any picture.  The host family gets a discount and a free framed and matted 8×10.

Travel fees may apply if you are locate further than 25 miles from zip code 91326.

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