About Me

Laura received her BA in Art and Photography at Cal State Northridge in 2006.  Laura has been interested in photography since the age of 7, so starting a business in photography came naturally.  Her enthusiasm and people skills have helped her to capture those that do not care to be caught.  She has a way with making people feel comfortable in front of the camera, in turn creating a beautiful portrait.  While taking night classes at Art Center in Pasadena to feed her creativity, Laura did several  projects working with the local fire stations and stumbled across a new niche.  Since the start of Precious Pix Photography in January of 2010, Laura has been out to over 100 different shifts.  She has worked with over a dozen different fire departments nationwide.  Laura has recently started working with local Law Enforcement and plans to continue branching out. Several of her images have been published in the local Fire and Law Enforcement magazines.



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