Shift Collages

104bcollage.jpg104bcollagesep.jpgbellacourage12X16.jpgBFD13c Collageframe.jpgCFD45Collage.jpgCFD45Collagesep.jpgCFD63collage.jpgCFD63collagesep.jpgcollage 28bsep.jpgcollage 58c2.jpgcollage 98a.jpgcollage 98asep.jpgcollage 98c2.jpgcollage 98c2sepia.jpgcollage Station 60c.jpgcollage Station 60csep.jpgcollage station 92a1.jpgcollage station 92a1sep.jpgcollage102b2.jpgcollage2.jpgcollage2sep.jpgcollage59a2.jpgcollage75b1sep.jpgcollage76c.jpgcollage76csep.jpgcollage7b2sep.jpgcollage87b.jpgCollage96C.jpgCollage96Csepia.jpgcollageacfd110.jpgcollageLAFD 38A.jpgcollageLAFD 38Asepia.jpgLAFD 112A_collage.jpgLAFD 112A_collagesepia.jpgLAFD 13C_collage copy.jpgLAFD 13C_collage2.jpgLAFD 13C_collage2sepia.jpgLAFD 13C_collagesepia.jpgLAFD 51Acollage.jpgLAFD 51Acollagesepia.jpgLAFD 68A_collage2.jpgLAFD 80A_collage.jpgLAFD 80A_collagesepia.jpgLAFD 80B_collage.jpgLAFD 80B_collagesepia.jpgLAFD 80C_collage.jpgLAFD 80C_collagesepia.jpgLAFD11C_collage.jpgLAFD11C_collagesepia.jpglafd1bcollage.jpglafd1collage copy.jpglafd1collagesepia.jpgLAFD36C_collage copy.jpgLAFD36C_collagesepia.jpgLAFD43A Collage.jpgLAFD43A Collagesepia.jpgLAFD4C collage.jpglafd63bcollage3.jpglafd63bcollage3sep.jpglafd92bcollage2.jpgLAPD_collage copy.jpg

On picture day, I take several group and individual portraits. Within a week after the pictures are taken, I will email everyone with a link and password to view the images.  Within a month, I will have a completed collage of the shift.  Each shift collage is unique to each station.

I am not taking these pictures for myself, but I am doing this as a service for you.  Being a firefighter is a lifetime career that most enter in their early 20’s and stay until early 60’s.  Throughout those years you create different bonds at all of the various shifts and stations and might want something to remember the different individuals you have made friends with and no longer see when transfers occur.  Throughout those years many changes will occur and it is nice to have a picture of the good old days.

Having pictures taken of yourself may not be for everyone and I completely understand that, however you aren’t necessarily taking them for yourself.  The family members in your lives are very proud to have firefighters in their lives.  Portraits are the perfect gifts for moms, wives, sisters, daughters, girlfriends, etc.  Women love a man in uniform and love to have pictures of their men in turnouts.  Even if you don’t plan on purchasing pictures, I encourage you to take them.  You or a family member might want to have a portrait at a later time.

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